Event Planning

At High Point we use Planning Center Services to manage most of our activities. At this link: Planning Center Events you will find the application needed to request a room or request to have an event placed on the church calendar!. It will also walk you through some questions that will help us to advertise your event! 
Some Event Planning Tips:
  • In order to request a room or request to be added to the calendar, you will need to have access to the link above and log in with your Planning Center login. All ministry leaders have been given access. If you should have or would like access to request a room and you don’t have it, please email Amanda at alee@highpointassembly.org
  • To request a room or request to be added to the calendar you will need the proposed dates and times of your event, a description of your event,  and your advertising needs (Video Announcement, Bulletin Announcement, Fliers, Social Media posts etc). If you don’t have all this information yet, it will be easier to get that information and then submit your request. 
  • Check the church calendar to make sure there aren’t any large events around your requested event time. Attendance is usually higher when we spread out our activities!
  • All media/design and advertising requests need to be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Room Requests can be made as little as one week in advance, but be aware that our building is very busy and often booked quickly!
Click the photo above for more information on Planning Center Resources!