I’m New

What to Expect:

It’s often awkward visiting a church you’ve never been to before because you never really know what to expect. Sometimes your expectations are exceeded and other times you’re let down. At High Point, we work hard at making your experience a positive one because we hope you’ll consider making this your church home. First you need to know we are a bunch of imperfect people, saved by God’s grace and who are seeking His best for our lives. So, our only expectation of you is to just come as you are.  You’ll be greeted, loved, and accepted.  We want you to enjoy our worship service and to connect with God. 

Before the Service:

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted at the front door and directed to our worship center. If you have children you can either have them sit in the service with you or you’ll be shown to a location where you can check them in to our nursery or our Children’s Church. You can also join us for coffee and donuts in our foyer. It’s a time for people to talk and get to know each other before the service starts.


Our service begins with music from our band and worship team. We sing mostly contemporary Christian songs but also mix in some classic hymns in a more modern style. We use this time of worship to communicate and connect with the living God. Some will clap, some will stand, some will raise their hands towards heaven, while others watch. Whatever your worship style; you are welcome to join us as we worship God together.


We also worship God through our giving. As a visitor, we don’t expect you to participate in our offering time because you are our guest.  Our weekly offering is a time for those who call High Point their church home to give back to God a portion of what He has blessed them with to provide for the expenses of operating our church.

The Message:

At each service, you can expect to hear a message that you can apply to your everyday life. The gospel message isn’t rocket science and a sermon without everyday application is a waste of your time. So at High Point you will hear relevant, Bible based, straightforward messages that will help you in your daily walk with Jesus Christ.


We offer communion once a month at High Point. It is a sacred time when we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the Cross of Calvary. During communion, we examine ourselves to make sure we aren’t participating in communion in an “unworthy” manner as the Bible tells us not to do. During communion, you will always be provided the opportunity to pray and connect with God prior to partaking of the communion emblems.

The Finale:

Ultimately, our goal is to see you in a vibrant and fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. The reason we exist is to lead people into a personal relationship with Him and disciple them in their Christian walk. Life isn’t always easy, but with Jesus at the helm, you’ll never walk through life alone!